Holidays bring forward thoughts of happiness…. are you really happy with yourself?

Most of us feel like money and success are indications of such, however does that really define our happiness?

… while it may bring great freedom to choose what you like to do, spoil yourself to your wants and needs and  travel to exotic places as often as you like  
… Happiness is not about how much money you have   … or don’t have….. we know of many  people that inspite of being  successful and wealthy , commit suicide or suffer of depression…
Happiness is a state of mind that is built inside of you because you were born with it and It can be enhanced and learned as any other skill.  As kids we used to be happy with simple things like holding hands with our parents, playing with our family and friends. Don’t let life pass you by because you don’t have enough…. Learn to love and appreciate yourself and what you already have.  Life can be a blissful experience if you CHOOSE to be happy.  

Yes, circumstances that happened in your life might look devastating to you now… but they are mostly just for a short  period of time. You can grow out bigger , stronger and happier from them if you choose to do it.
Our brain has a wellspring of self produced neuochemicals that turn your pursuits, struggles and challenges of life into pleasure and happiness when you achieve them .
This biological magic is generous so you can  simply trigger their release in your body every day  of your life .
Happiness is a simple natural state of mind  that should be used more often..  it is a natural medicine and its FREE!!
Be physically active and train your body mind and soul to be happy!  You are awesome!!
Laugh more , dance more, hug more, love more, give more , share the blessings more, help more, listen  to others more, listen to music more, play music more, travel more, hike more, play more, be around kids more, Be closer to your family more, choose good friends, do more competitive sporting games, walk on the beach more, be quite and listen to the sound of the ocean, the birds, the wind, the breeze, animals,… connect more with our planet earth.  Understand that you are  part of  mother earth!
The worst enemy for happiness is wanting all just for yourself.
This amazing planet earth is one with us…. it is a giving planet.
It gives you day light for your activity, moon light to relax , recharge and rebuild cells in your body, it gives you sunlight to warm you up, rain to water the plants and seas . It fill the basic needs of thurst for all animals, and human race. It is a circle of giving because without water there is no food and no life, no trees to clean the air.  It give us fruits to enrich our bodies with vitamins, greens to build our muscles, nuts and seeds for amino acids and omega 3 for the brain, . Water is the source of life, it has tremendous impact in our life…. the rivers and ocean are drawing millions of people naturally because of the energy involved….connecting more often to this energy will empower you and bring you more happiness.  This endless love is  spreading  on us everyday.
Flow with it and give back to mother nature and the people you love. You will feel  tremendous pleasure  to help somebody you don’t even  know…. just try it.
When you are doing any of those activity mentions above  the brain release a nerochemical call Dopamine that makes  you happy.
 Dopamine is responsible for reward-driven behavior and pleasure seeking. Every type of reward seeking behavior that has been studied increases the level of dopamine transmission in the brain. If you want to get a hit of dopamine, set a goal and achieve it.
…. you want more of it? just do it …  1 action at a time , few moments at a time   one day at a time…
you will grow to be happier, healthier, younger, stronger, A better lover, A better listener, A Better YOU!!  YOU WILL HAVE A SMILE ON YOUR FACE … MORE then ever….JUST cause  you’re  HAPPY!!

  Leave a mark of kindness and happiness behind you….