About our Products

Nava Natural skin care has created a professional line of products to hug your body with Healing, natural & organic ingredients from the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea is located in one of the most powerful places on our planet. It is the lowest place on earth.   1373 feet (417 meters) below sea level. It has unique micro-climate that contributes to the high salt and Minerals concentration. 32% salt in comparison to the 3% in the ocean. These products are created with unique healing minerals found in no other sea in the world.   Years of Scientific research define that these minerals help naturally to Heal and beautify your skin. 

The rare minerals happen to be an exact replica of the mineral composition of our own skin. In other words, your skin is able to absorb all of these nourishing minerals.

We are taking pride in our commitment to serve you with high-quality products.   Our products are made fresh and in small batches at a time. 

Our Products  Are made in the USA. 

 Many of Our Products are Used in Spas and Salons Nationwide. 

These products offer an extraordinary and powerful combination of healing minerals, pure vitamins, Organic botanical extracts, pure essential oils, hyaluronic acid and seaweed from around the world.

These products help to clean, clear, firm, lift, repair and renew your skin. They help relieve stress and have a positive effect on your general mental health and well-being.

ALL our products are made:

  • 100% Paraben FREE
  • 100% Artificial Color FREE
  • 100% Petroleum FREE
  • 100% Popelyn Glycol FREE
  • 100% Sodium Lauryl Sulfate FREE
  • Not tested in Animals
  • Made with Top Natural and Organic Ingredients
  • Made with Love.

None of our products are tested on animals and they are all packaged in recycled materials.

See what kinds of benefits you can receive by using our products by visiting theĀ benefits page.