Aging beautifully.

Close up of a woman drinking juice in her kitchen


There is a unique difference between a female and a male, and exactly there lies the beauty between us.  I find it interesting that life is much more fun and easy when we know the natural flow of each other. 

The  Natural Way to maintain a woman’s beauty and man masculinity is to respect & accept our differences. 

Man gain strength through power, status, and money but many women still need men to complement them to feel confident & beautiful.  

 The need to look glamorous and beautiful rooted deep inside every woman no matter what age and what culture she comes from.  Women will do anything to look beautiful.  Beauty helps to build a woman ‘s self-confidence.  You men out there, keep giving your women and daughters compliments.  Make her your queen.  Don’t forget to sing her the songs of love, with your words and attitude.  A woman’s Self-worth is built up not only because of her beauty but her knowing that she is valued and appreciated for all her work and wisdom.   A woman is not just a pretty face. ( Don’t understand me wrong…lol.  It doesn’t hurt to have one )

Oppose to Men   

Men need to feel significant by providing safety to their family or in any environment they are in.  They want to maintain a strong & masculine look and we ladies don’t want to break a man’s spirit. 

 Make your man and your sons your kings.  Show more appreciation and complement your man. Just say it. Feeling good helps a man build his self-confidence, look good and be more a loving man.  Hey, ladies by making your man a king you crown yourself to be a queen. It doesn’t hurt, right? It’s a win-win situation.

Now we know, that “knowing is better understanding”.

 Le’ts make the relationship between man and woman, daughters fathers, sons and mothers fabulous. 

Nava Natural

‘Serving you with love”