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So you want your nails to look stunning and beautiful? 

You want to make them look healthy and not fungus looking?
Here is a gift you can give your nails.

Nails are layers of keratin, a protein that’s also found in our skin and hair, so we must take good care of them equally.

Here is how to buff nails to perfection: Use Weekly

Step 1: (Blue) Remove yellowing and ridges
Trim your nails regularly and File.
Step 2: (Black) Clean and massage your nails
Step 3: (White) Buff to perfection.
Step 4: (Use our natural oil to massage your nails.
Keep them hydrated
Step 5: Keep your nails dry and clean (away from bacteria, fungus and other germs or when using chemicals)

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This will keep them strong. Buffer nails increases blood supply to the nails, which helps the nail grow.

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