Step 1: Raise Your Energy | Nava Natural

How to be Charged with Good Energy

You are energy and so is everything around you!!
High Energy Sources include:

Choose healthy foods that will raise your mood and energy levels:

  • Raw organic fruits and vegetables
  • Green & fresh juices
  • Raw seeds and nuts provide great energy

Are the people you spend time with happy and supportive or angry and depressive?

  • Surround yourself with supportive people that appreciate you, love you, and still challenge you.
  • Choose to be around people that bring the best out of you.

Do you spend too much time indoors? Are you surrounded with electronic devices all day long? Are you exposed to natural day light or artificial lights? Move more.

  • Take a walk in nature where the air is cleaner.
  • Take a walk on a beach, in the mountains or in a park. Better air equals more oxygen for our bodies and helps boost moods and feelings.
  • The sound of waves, birds, and even the movement of trees will help you feel more relaxed and quite amazing!
  • Get out and get some sunshine.
  • Dress well, feel beautiful, keep your head up and walk with confidence.

Nature is rich in colors which elevate your mood and raise your energy.

Remember to breathe, relax and look around you. Mother Earth is beautiful.

Do you do what you love to do? Are you angry and impatient doing what you have to do? Spiritual growth is connecting to the essence of who you are. Life is precious

  • Learn to appreciate the holy essence of being at the present moment.
  • Learn to forgive, strive to learn and study more – and educate yourself about things that matter to you.
  • Work towards being excellent in whatever you are doing.
  • Be creative – draw, craft your own things, prepare a meal, plan a trip, have a party…
  • Develop your brain by improving your brain performance with education and brain training.
  • Did you know that dancing helps to develop the brain? Dance more, enjoy the music, have fun and move to the rhythms.


  • Listen to your favorite music
  • Spend time with kids or animals
  • Join like-minded groups
  • Spend quality time alone
  • Do things that make you happy.

Your energy level rises when your mood is enhanced, allowing you to enjoy life more.

Make a conscious choice to be charged with good energy. Life is good, be the captain of your own ship and have as many adventures as possible. Life is short – make it a beautiful journey. Keep yourself happy and make a difference!


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