Close your eyes and take yourself to a safe place. A place you love to be, a place that make you feel warm and secure. It can be the ocean, the mountains, in the arms of your partner… wherever it may be, just feel the sensation. You may feel how easy you can breath now, or how full of life you are, and how your senses are all awake. Your hearing, taste, smell, sight, touch all become more sensitive. You may even have a smile on your face…

Enjoy this feelings and remember that you can feel safe and loved wherever you are. This safe place is in your memory… it is inside of you and always available. Make the promise to yourself to always feel this way. Remember, you don’t have to depend on anybody to make you feel happy and contented. You already have that ability.

Connecting to Mother Nature also helps us to establish stronger roots and connections within ourselves. It creates more self confidence and more happiness. You will be more content with your life and what you have. It will empower your body and increase your sense of gratitude in what you have to share in this world.

The opportunity to grow in life, follow your dream and make things happen has much to do with our self confidence and the state of well being we are in at the moment. Therefore, it is important to connect to Mother Nature and recharge your batteries. The beauty of Mother Nature is breath taking: Animals follow their natural instincts. As human beings, we can learn to feed our mind and soul. Good and positive affirmations about your self can help you grow to be more spiritual and a more confident individual. So feed your mind with happiness and confidence, overcome fear and find your strength, overcome your doubt and find your confidence, and overcome your anger and find peace.

In this way, you will feel the love.