Fruits and Veggies for Luch and Dinner?

Healthy food for lunch is wrong, strange and alien?

Well, let me tell you from my experience. I enjoy a big salad for lunch and dinner and it has brought me great health and strength to continue dreaming and working towards my goals…I don’t see anything wrong with that, but listen to this!

Today, as I ate lunch I thought of all the people that I’ve met in my lifetime and how I’ve impact them one way or another. However, some who have suddenly seen my lifestyle; they’ve become perplex but how so?

Eating healthy should be the norm (logically speaking)— but why is it now considered strange to some people?

Why can a person sit and eat a burger, fries, large soda and donuts (high in cholesterol) yet seem normal? While someone else sits with a big salad for lunch,
fruits and fresh drink (high in vitamins and minerals) and be seen as alien.

Some people may even say, “wow…. you eat healthy” very oddly. People think eating healthy is impossible because of their hectic lifestyle!!
Let me tell you!! Its easier then you think and yes it is possible!!

In our society today we have distort the concept of “good health” in our daily meals. Some people think that “health” is only related to “vitamin pills”. And while these pills may benefit us, we’re missing the most important aspect of gaining these vitamins and minerals from fresh fruits and veggies… the enjoyment of consuming fresh and juicy fruits is like none other. It’s truly a gift we need to value and appreciate in a daily basis. This is the best fuel to get your body going with no artificial stimulants like coffee, complex sugar, energy drinks and so on…

It is the best way to keep yourself young, in shape and full of energy.

Our paradigm has changed and soon our generations will only follow our footsteps. So let’s join together to make a change today, for our health and to influence others.

My recommendation to you: Challenge yourself and love your body. Don’t make your body sick with all the toxic food, sodas alcohol, cosmetics,processed food and stress. A small change in your lifestyle today can make a big difference tomorrow.

Value and respect your body because we only live once!  Celebrate life with happiness and good health.
My goal for the both of us, is to be strong healthy and sexy no matter what age we are.

Let us know what you think. Please comment below!


Live in a healthy body!

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