Hi beautiful!
I hope you are doing good.
Everybody can be affected by a coronavirus, especially older people. Why? Older people have naturally a weaker immune system. Therefore this is the time to strengthen our immune system and let the body do the work.
1. Eat less drink more – this action will help your body flush out toxins and enhance the function of all organs.
2. Eat mainly fruits and vegetables rich in minerals and vitamins, especially vitamins C and D. This food will empower your body naturally. Vitamin C &D is very important in this stressful time. The more stress hormones produced by the body, the more vitamin C is required.
3. Detox your body with Nava natural empowering detox program. It strengthens your immune system and helps fight against any virus and disease. CLICK HERE TO INVEST IN YOURSELF.
4. Take a break from industrially processed food, which increases acidity. Avoid dairy, meat, white flour, white sugar, waffles, cakes, and cookies.
5. Use the fear from the unknown to your benefits and take action to make the change you always wanted to do. Don’t wait!
The good news is that now you can have beautiful glowing skin too.


I am here to guide you on your journey to achieve the inner and outer beauty you seek.