Kick Start- 2015

Hi this is Nava from Nava Natural1146578_705451539471431_377499758_n

 The holiday is around the corner are you excited?… I’m sure you are!!

Excitement is in the air.

Time to give a “Thank You” gift to your friends for being your friends and putting up with you all year long…. lol

It’s time to give the kids something spacial they’ve been waiting for all year, its the time of the year where we can show more appreciation and love to our parents and dear ones.

It is exciting… because when we take the time to buy gifts we think about what the person likes or dislikes…

what will put a smile on their face… or you think, “how can I help him/her feel good, beautiful and appreciated…”

Most of all, “How can I make them happy with my gift of love.”

Sometimes the gift you give to another person is not something you buy in a store…. the gift we give can last for a lifetime.

Today, I’d like to introduce to you my assistant Gabby. She came in a few month ago to work with me at the office.

A sweet girl with good energy that is now sitting behind the desk and is in charge of all the emails sent to you and, of course taking care of you and your orders!

Now.. while working on content rich material massages for you, to give you a little taste at a time of what Nava Natural is all about, she became more aware and exposed about the healthy-lifestyle.

…Gabby asked a lot of questions and learn how we can help customers heal their body, feel and look good from the inside out with herbs, natural and organic skin care and a raw diet.

She also saw the food I would bring in to the office…

a few month past and guess what….

Gabby became cautious with her parents health and decided to help them  clean, strengthen and improve their health with herbs (Detox Kit)!

“With the Detox Kit, my parents have become more aware of their health” – Gabby

Gabby became a raw foodist herself ….

Just like me…. I remember the big smile on her face when she told me that she decided to take action and is now eating mainly raw food.
I was surprised and so happy for her!

Gabby says, “I feel more energetic, happy and my skin feels smoother. I am so blessed to know Nava”

…surely enough I know her circle will grow bigger, helping her family and friends that are caught in the fatty American diet.

Is it not cool??

The gift I gave to myself a few years ago… got bigger. It effect a lot of people just like you… my family, my customers, the people I work with, friends and people I meet every single day …

This is the true beauty of spreading love… the circle get bigger and bigger…

you just plant the seeds and let it grow in you. You never know who you are going to help along the way…

Today I am asking you to make a decision for yourself and to take action .


1. Change your diet to mainly raw vegan diet, to improve your health and well being, this year! It’s FREE!

2. Get Organic herbs to help clean & strengthen your body. (Detox Kit)

3. Get Nava Natural fabulous products to beautify your skin:

Fabulous 5

Detox Kit (includes it all): Ultimate 10 Products For Internal And External Health And Beauty

The most important message is


Remember we can not feel fabulous AND celebrate life with sick bodies.


Nava Natural

Live In A Healthy Body