Living in a Dream – Thinking of Home…

Love is…

  • The foundation for a healthy and happy life.
  • A natural medicine for many body mind & soul weaknesses.
  • A natural beauty recipe.
  • Good for a healthy heart.

Love is so many things, leading men and women all over the world to search and crave for something so fundamental and so basic. We are made from love. It is in each and every one of us.

It is in everyone, but are you aware of it? You may not know how good it feels to love and to be loved , or maybe you simply forgot? Men and women alike have the same need for warmth and unconditional love from another. However, to help you fall in love , you first need to give yourself time to find the love that already resides inside of you.

Then…when you do find love in another, do your best to give it the best chapters in the story of your life.

Because many times we let love go …and we miss it .

So leave the ego behind, and keep the love alive….

A man can lift a woman’s spirit and raise her self confidence when he loves her with all her talents and imperfections, making her feel safe, beautiful and loved at all times.

A woman can make a man feel like a king by giving him everything – her love, her trust, and her devotion. By making him her king, she is making herself his queen…Both of you win!

So then, if the recipe is so easy, what’s the problem??

Sometime we think we found love in the midst of superficial beauty , sex and material things . But the truth will reveal itself and it will hurt to find out that we are missing on the real thing. For strong and lasting love, the heart and soul of the person must match or surpass their outer beauty.

We desire the wrong things and our hearts are broken for the wrong reasons.

The heart and soul of an individual signals the love we can have. The love that grows a relationship feels like home. Home is where it feels warm and safe. Home is when two beautiful souls meet and stay together forever.

Love is everywhere, but it’s always strongest when it has found a good home…