Mother Nature is your natural medicine.

Hi, I AM NAVA FROM NAVA NATURAL known for my fabulous skincare line and known to inspire a lot of people just like you to live in a healthier lifestyle, making sure your body can do what it needs to do, and you can do what you love to do!!
Its time to understand the power of mother nature . its time to stop your body from getting sick, and add more vitality, energy and so much love.
Today I give you a hint how to live without medication and how to help the body help itself.
The power of mother nature is huge! And it is right here for us.
It is a powerful tool To help you build a stronger body and healthy skin.
Mother earth is here to serve us, nourish us and protect us. It is the Natural medicine for your body and soul.

How can you change your lifestyle ? its simple!
1. Choose fresh and raw organic fruits and veggies.
Bananas are rich in magnesium and potassium.
Dates are rich in calcium.
Coconut is pure energy and electro-lights for your body and your blood.
Fruits are rich in multivitamins.
Veggies are rich in minerals.
Just know that the stronger the colors and the more they stain, the more potent they are.
It is pure powerful energy, made to keep you healthy beautiful and full of vitality.

2. Drink clean spring water.
3. relax more, love more, hug more.
4. Dance to the rhythm of love.
5. Enjoy the sunshine and don’t blame the sun for your liver spot. Hint…. it comes from the inside… clean your liver…. so your body can do what it needs to do, and you can do what you love to do.

The magic of mother earth is that it is the mother of us all rich and poor, no matter skin color or where you are from. I believe there is enough for us all to live a fascinating and good life.

Lets help as many people as possible get a healthier and stronger body so we can all live a happier life and enjoy life to the fullest.
You sure can make a difference in other peoples lives. Don’t doubt yourself.
Help and share this message. You are important to us.
. The beauty of us – is our diversity and uniqueness. That what makes this world so colorful, so magical, so exciting… it is the contribution of every one of us.
The more we help and contribute to the better world we will leave in.
We will build a powerful community of harmony and unity.
Love is all that meter.
What do I like you to do?
Go to and choose the products that suit you the best or pick up the phone and set up a consultation with Nava. It will make you happy!!
I always say the more fabulous you feel, the more glamorous you look.

Nava Feller
“Inspiring to live in radiant health and beauty”