Ready For Your SUMMER SKIN?

Are you getting ready for the summer?

If the answer is YES here’s FIVE quick tips:

1. Our skin is exposed to pollution, dust dirt, creams, oils, sun & sunscreen, therefore, I recommend you to remove it gently by brushing your skin with the help of natural lufa and the Luxurious & spectacular Sparkling body scrub.

Your skin will sparkle natural glow and looks sexy.

2. Use the facial peel GEL on a daily basis. Yes. 2x a day. Remove impurities gently from your face to keep your skin youthful. Ensuring your skin is well stimulated, with the end results of Bright, smooth and lifted skin.

3. Enrich your delicate facial skin with Pure Vitamin A and fatty acid. It stimulating collagen production, nourishing and protectin gyour skin from damage. It is all hidden in the Line Control.

4. Keep your fine skin under your eyes, hydrated and well conditioned with light nutrients and vitamins. It is a sensitive area, so do not use a toxic or harsh chemical based eye cream that may irritate your eyes. THE EYE CONTROL Smells lavendery…

5. Use Nava’s healing anti-aging cream. The organic ingredients in this product keep your skin velvety and glowing without the oily sticky feeling. It seals the moister in your skin and makes you look just naturally perfect.