In the past few months, I was traveling and exploring other states. I had some good and some less exciting experiences. However, I kept shooting videos for you to keep inspiring you to look and feel fabulous every day, no matter what. You can watch& follow me on

Like all of you, I am experiencing the ups and downs of what life has to offer. But what I find most important is to know how to handle situations like

1. Stress 2. Aging 3. Health Issues.

Rest assure that it does not skip anyone. Life is full of surprises.

Do You want to know How to handle any situation and feel like the true you?

Clear your body mind and soul and stay active, strong, healthy, and yes, sexy. Why Not?

1. BUILT YOUR HEALTHY BODY MIND AND SOUL. * TAKE TIME OFF, Improve your knowledge, change your diet, Exercise, Love more, Hug more, give more, dance more, sing more, laugh more.

2. TAKE ACTION TODAY. * STAND TALL, Build your self-confidence and self-worth. Indulge and MAKE SURE YOU LOOK & FEEL BEAUTIFUL / HANDSOME. Notice that you talk and walk differently.


* YOU CAN ONLY GROW SMARTER& JUICIER FROM CHALLENGES IN LIFE. Do not blame anybody. Please pay attention to the good things in life and harvest them. Turn anger into decisive action, Fear into courage, and Doubt into self-confidence.

Be blessed.

Nava Natural.

Certified Detoxification specialist, Iridologist. Health Coach.

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