Nava Natural Products

Hi Nava, I have been using your products for 7 years or more now. I moved to Southern California in 2008 and we went to Long Beach to that Golf Show and you were there! I don’t usually try products when I am at something like that, but I liked you right away and decided I would just try some of them.

Here I am now living in Mesquite, Nevada for the past 4 years and so thankful I have your products. It is so dry here, beautiful high desert with mountains, but dry, and I don’t even care. I love everything you make. I start with the facial peel while I am still in the shower, then i do use an astringent before applying the oils and creams but when I get finished my face looks great. The eye control and line control are just right. Then I put the healing anti-aging cream over that and also I use line control on my neck with the anti-aging cream and my neck looks good. I hate to brag but you have to remember that I am 75 years old.  People that I meet for the first time, if age comes up, can’t believe it.  Some have said I look 50 some even say late 40’s. I love it. I do have good skin, Nava, I inherited it from my Dad, but it wouldn’t look near this good if it wasn’t for your products.
I always used good creams but it is the oils you use first before the cream that really makes the difference. Creams drag across your face if you don’t use eye control and line control first. It is a miracle!
Just wanted you to know that I am glad I found you at the Golf Show.  Thanks for suggesting that I try the Sparking Body Scrub. My skin is softer and my manicurist says I have nice soft feet and heels so she doesn’t have to work so hard.


I have only been using Nava Naturals for about four months, but from the compliments that I have been getting you would think that I’ve been using them for years. For example, I recently met a friend that I hadn’t seen for several years, and she couldn’t stop talking about how radiant my skin looked. I just love using a product that gets me those kind of compliments.

Edy Rose

“I had the pleasure of meeting Nava a few years ago at the New Living Expo. She is a shining bright light of a woman whose energy draws you in immediately. She is passionate about providing phenomenal natural personal care products, and her products are deliciousness for the body. Just the smell of them tells you that your body is in for a treat! I have experienced healthier, more radiant, nourished skin as a result. Nava’s own beauty and love is truly reflected in her fine products. I highly recommend both Nava and her products!”


“My Dear Nava…thank you in advance for the Pure Eye Control! And I know I have already told you how much I enjoy the previous products…but for the record (Kiss)…I LOVE them all. I especially love the scent of the mango lotion….and so does my husband! I shall “Like” your FB page immediately! Love, C”

Carolyn Hennesy/ Public Figure