Did you know that your body is the most advanced machine ever made? And you have the potential to nourish it.

One of the many things the body does is that it produces acids to digest protein but also can neutralize it. When you consume a lot of acidic food like alcohol, processed foods, dairy products and animal products—plus adding high level of stress  to your life. You are overwhelming your body. Your body will start pulling calcium from the varicose veins, and bones to reduce acidity trying to neutralize it and protect you from getting sick.
When your body starts to build up acids, then you start to see and feel the symptoms of a weak and sick body.
The lymphatic system needs to drain massive volume of acids waste and toxic from all the cells in your body and eliminate it through your kidneys, your colon and your skin.

Too much acid and toxins can damages the cells walls of your skin creating irritations, breaking out, pimples, psoriasis and eczema. It can also damage the intestine, causing blockage and build up, essentially not allowing nutrients to be transferred to the blood and then to the body. This may cause damage to brain and nerve system and your overall health and well-being.
When over acidity in your kidneys accrue, you may experience inflammations, blood pressure, and permanent damage to the ability of the kidneys to filter waste and toxins. Each of the 2 kidneys are in charge of one part of the body. The right kidney on the right side, the left kidney is in charge of the left side, including, the brain, arms, breast, hips, ovaries, testicle, legs and so on.
If the kidneys are weak the whole body is sick.
Take care of your health.

Help your body move the toxins out with a help of powerful herbs formulas. Not only will you help the body filter toxins out of your body— you also help restore damaged cells and build a healthier body.
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