What is Nava natural 7 day empowering program all about?

What are Nava natural 7 days empowering program?

NAVA NATURAL PROGRAM concentrates on the concept of healing your body with natural color energy.
Color energy is proven to be therapeutic for your body mind and soul. Our program is helping your organs to heal naturally by streaming tons of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients into your body while on the other hand releasing blockages and congestions by flushing out toxins. This way we are creating a better flow of energy and allowing essential nutrients to absorb better into your system.
We are clearing up your channels, and empowering your body to work in harmony. You will wonder how did you get along without it.
It is a fact that colors have a psychology power on the human body, like for example, Red stimulates us, and it represents passion and sexuality. Green give us the feeling of balance and tranquility. Orange is a fun color that represents physical and mental joy, and purple represents luxury and is inspiring us to a high level of spiritual thoughts .it is also known that each color of fruits and vegetables have a specific benefit for the human body. More than that – even a shape of a fruit or vegetable will give you a clue of what it is good for. Like carrots are good for the eyes and celery is good for your bones. The combination of all together will help you rich a powerful and radiant health and beauty.
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